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The creator, Eylül Savaş, started the project Llama With No Drama in April 2016 as a reaction to all of the world’s drama. The initiative hopes to give anyone of any age a pause and daily breather from their day to day struggles. Besides bringing a smile to their face, the project aims to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone, travel, explore and in the end, spread the llama llove.

The Creator

Eylül Savaş is a Digital Marketing Consultant, an Entrepreneur and a Content Creator. She is listed as one of Business Insider’s Top 30 Social Media Stars for 2017. She has also been recognized as a digital marketing thought-leader and has spoken at several international conferences including Digital Hollywood, Belize Digital Marketing Summit, LA Tech Week. For the last decade, she has worked with international clients from various fields, and she became best known for the success of her IG travel blog Llama with No Drama, which has been featured in over 300 major media channels, in 21 different languages and 29 different countries. She founded the digital marketing agency Lw/ND Media in January 2019. She is a graduate of UCLA and Bahcesehir University, and she has worked for Saatchi&Saatchi and Havas Worldwide Istanbul.


Llama lloves sponsors, sponsors llove Llama.

If you think your brand and Llama with No Drama would make a good team on promoting your business, just send us an e-mail. We can brainstorm together and come up with creative fun ideas and projects. We are open to discussion and collaboration. Don’t be scared, we won’t spit!

Some of our previous partners:


Since the beginning, the purpose of the Llama With No Drama Project has been to put smiles on faces. As part of our mission, we are happy to partner with groups supporting wildlife and conservation efforts. And we are committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to these organizations.

One initiative we love is World Wildlife Fund‘s “Adopt a Llama'” program. Please visit their site now to take the first step and adopt a real llama!



Llama With No Drama has been featured in over 300 media channels, in 21 different languages and 29 different countries. Llama is so tiny in this huge world, but it grows with your llove, every single day. Thank you everyone for supporting. Keep spreading the llama llove!





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    For any press, sponsorship and travel related inquiries, or even just to show some llove, please fill out the form or send us an e-mail to hello@llamawithnodrama.comWe'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Have a llamazing day!

    Thank you.